Wise Information Technologies Pvt Ltd. Own the brand 6OAM.COM

Consumer rights are reserved under the agreement with Wise Information Technologies Pvt.Ltd. Consumer is not eligible to do any change, sell, and transfer in terms and conditions without approval of Wise Information technologies Pvt Ltd. You need to follow the all terms and conditions to receive written consent approval. And on the behalf of compamy’s judgment if found illegal use of 6OAM.COM services in any circumstances, which will consider as irrelevant act according to rule. Wise information technologies reserve the rights to terminate your account without any legal notice.

The services provide by the 6OAM.COM is envisioned for the personal use or business use. With the day of your activated account, we assume that you understand and agree with all terms and conditions. The services of 6OAM.COM is not committed telecommunication services. And also not for the auto-dialling, call forwarding or dedicated telemarketing. Consumer is not eligible to use the service number provided by the 6OAM.COM for commercial use or for bulk promotion communicated.

And in any cause of these conditions, your account will be deactivated immediately and eve you will not eligible to claim any refund. Consumer will be subject to pay penalty or legal action in case of any breach in the agreement.

You admit and accept the all terms and conditions of 6OAM.COM with awareness of national Commercial Communication Policy, 2010. Any kind of Violation will not be accepted and eligible to pay compensation fee. More information is available on http://www.nccptrai.gov.in .And there is any complaint about the other consumer of any violation, or agreement breech, Contact us at info@6OAM.COM.

Important notice: Wise information technology Suggest you to read carefully all Terms and conditions. The terms, guidelines and conditions are included in the agreement known as the Terms of services ‘TOS’/ Acceptable use policy ‘AUP’. Company suggests you to read carefully all terms and conditions included in TOS before register yourself on our website. Wise info have write to change this TOS at any instant of time without any prior notice And such change will be applicable after it posted on websites. If wise information technology found that there is any breach or found any violence against TOS, so the Wise information technologies will terminate your services   without any prior notice. And you are liable for Penalty fee.

The Wise information Technologies Pvt Ltd Will offer you services only for the real person bot for computers to use or an authorized represented of a brand and your age must be above then 18 years.

 Wise Information Technologies reserves the rights to cancel your services at any time without any notice or any prior notice. And after the use of service all effective changes will be applicable and will assumed acceptance of all changes.   All the effective changes will be posted on our websites, we suggest you to check periodically our websites for any changes. Wise information technologies will not inform you specially. All consumer are bound to acceptance the all terms and conditions with the registration for services. Wise information technologies reserve the rights to increase the price of products and services. All information related to that will available on the websites to keep you update, it is consumer responsibility to visit the website for review of any sudden change.       

User responsibility while using 6OAM.Com

In the order to use the services, you are responsible for your services using and liable to pay the charges of internet services. You have to provide the internet access and pay the charges at own, company will not contribute in it any way. With the registration for the services of 6OAM.COM assume that you are responsible for the account itself. Wise information technologies will provide you the password and suggest you to keep your password safe and confidential. We suggest you to do not disclose your password with any unauthorized person.

We assume you to liable for the any kind of action done by your account. If you found or suspect any kind of such activity, so we suggest you to inform the Wise information technologies to deactivated your account for some time and provide you to new password as soon as possible. Wise information Technologies is not liable to pay your telephone equipment or any other surcharges to provide internet services to use of 6OAM.COM

Prohibited use while using our services:

With registration of your account you are bound to use our services within the law. Embarrass, threaten, defame or harass any kind of violence will not be accepted while using Wise information Technologies Pvt Ltd services. Any kind of storage, transmission or distribute the information in lawful is not be permitted and liable to penalty.

You could not transmit the data that copyright, patent, trade secret or rational data without any prior permission. Distribution of content as text, fax, voice mail for ad on the communication included as a violation and do not include Do not call list or restricted NCCP list. Transmit any data in any form that is unlawful under the terrorist activity then Wise information technologies will give your Identifiable information to authorized committee to take legal action and prosecution against you with any notice.

 In that case we will terminate your services at the instant of time without your permission.


Wise information Technologies Pvt Ltd will not responsible for any transfer, distributed and communicated data by any user. Wise information Technologies provides the unfiltered services, we are not liable of issue arise on the content transmission. You could not transmit any offensive data or copyright, trademark, defamation data.
 Wise information technology is not liable for the data or calls you received by use of our services. Or any call made by any type of pay phones through our services. We does not control any accessed data, recorded data transmitted or received and does not warranty also for accuracy and quality of the data.

Services limitation to consumer:

You are bound to accept the limitations of the services we provide you, in that number or size of messages are included. We apply this limitation to all consumers to avoid negative impact on our services. As we are not responsible for the failure and damage of messages.

We assume that you are agree with our services of not to provide caller ID information on incoming callers. 6OAM.COM provides you the login caller ID provided by us who display at that instant of time and not taking responsibility of any display failure.

Note: 6OAM.COM does not take any responsibility to block and unblock list. If any content/ message/login ID is blocked and it is showing unblocked or any content / message/ login ID is not unblocked but showing blocked/unavailable then we are not responsible for it.

Consumer’s rights to the service given in the agreement. You are not liable to sell or assign this to any unauthorized person. Your right is following in the agreement.

  • If your account is inactive from over 90 days, the Wise information Technologies Pvt Ltd has rights to terminate your account.
  • We also reserve the rights to terminate your account if you have not paid bill from continues 60 days without your permission.
  • You could not use the log in ID in the spam campaigning ad.
  • You have to understand that in proper use of the services liable to the penalty and termination of your account.
  • We assumed that you acknowledge that this service is not for the purpose of SEO, PPC, SMO, Bulk Email, and Bulk SMS to promote the ads.
  • If you liable for any penalty then there will be no refund to you and your service number will terminate at the instant of time without any notice.
  • We understand that you acknowledge the Support facility of the websites and the consumer is liable to take support to resolve their issue. If you are facing any problem then you could contact us on info@6OAM.com
  • Consumer has to understand that the call forwarding or message delivery will take some time, we cannot control the time taking in the process.
  • Your primary contact number or email should be active always otherwise your account will be terminated without your prior permission.
  • If you keep your credit amount less than a limit more than 30 days, your account will be deactivated or terminated. And there will be no refund and will process for the security amount charges.
  • Once your call is connected your billing will start at that time. You will be charged for the IVR duration from that moment.
  • You have to accept that the caller id display on the screen in call forwarding duration. It could vary from one call to another call.
  • Any kind of violation liable to the penalty under National commercial communication Policy 2010 For more information you could visit www.nccptrai.gov.in


Charges applicable for services:

You have to pay some extra charges to complete the transaction process which deals with the bank you have connected. Bank charges are rupees 120 per payment for maximum limit up to 1, 00,000/ by cheque or demand draft as per your choice. This amount charged by the bank and wise information technology will not be beneficiary of this. And the late payment charges are applicable with the rate of 2%, so due amount have to pay within 7 days through e-mail. And for reconnection charges are payable at the rate of 10%, so keep renew your account.

Procedure of charges applied to the consumer for services:

Missed call charges

There are no charges for the missed calls except if call is connected showing in our system or even from the duration when call had forwarded. Then charges will applicable on that.

Call charges:

Call charges are billed on the basis of time duration of the call and each pulse will be of 1 min only.

Call recording charges:

On the panel provided you to use facility, there is option of call recording that had done on IVR number or toll free number between you and caller. For every call you will be charged extra.

SMS Alert charges:  

On the panel provided you to use facility, there is option where you could receive or send SMS alert to the caller party. That’s panel known as control panel from there you could enable control panel. You will charge extra for this service.

Holiday Mode charges:

You can set your IVR/ Toll-free number on holiday mode and it can be set from your control panel. You have to charge for this extra.

Rental charges

 Rental charges are also applicable on the consumer, as per the commitment amount daily of uses. There is basic fee to pay for the rental charges.

Unlimited plans restrictions and usage policies

If we observe that the all services we providing to you is exciting to their limit, the services providing to you under the unlimited plan is not consistent with normal and proper use of such plans. If the limits going forcefully on your side, it will cause the Suspend and terminate the services.
Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for unlimited plans restrict evaluate the resource provided by Company.  And to distribute the call centers in multiple agents. In unlimited plans the number of channels are bounded to 1 you cannot receive multiple call at a time.

Transfer option of ownership

 A consumer can transfer their ownership if consumer wants to transfer of services, but services have to complete 12 months at least.  And consumer has to pay one time charges of rupees of minimum charges. This process will take around of 1 month to 3 month to complete the process. You will charged by the mobile service operator, wise information technologies have no control on your billing plan.

Zero Tolerance spam policy
Wise information Technologies Pvt Ltd is allowed you to send the spam mails, Bulk email and bulk sms are not permitted. If any consumer will not follow the rules of spam policy then their account will be terminated.  And no refund will be paid in return. A consumer could send only 60 mails to per domain per hour. If you cross this limit then a message will be bounce back   and we will not allowed this type of hosting server.

Insurance and General
With the registration on our websites, we acknowledge that you had accepted our all terms and Conditions of Wise information Technologies Pvt ltd. You accept all the services of Brand 6OAM.COM, all charges of penalty under found of any Violence, Cancellation of all services without prior Notice, and all charges made by third party on you.  And the TOS shall be governed by the law under the Delhi judiciary.


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